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Video production the way it was meant to be.


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Video production the way it was meant to be.



Quality and hustle.   

Responsive, responsible and accountable. When you deal with videoadventures, you deal with an owner.  You'll see a different kind of care and quality because my work is a reflection of me.   Rather than worrying about expanding into other market segments, I focus on the details of your video project.   It’s more about delivering a quality video than taking your hard earned dollars.

 I take ownership in everything I do. And I expect everyone I hire to do the right thing in the right way. It is what has made me successful for 30 years now. 

Together, we'll be supporting the hard work and dreams of independent freelancers.   You’ll l get to know the crew - personally.  These artists could easily be collecting a weekly pay check at a big production company yet we choose to put their heart, soul and last dollar into doing something we believe in.  

Why quality and hustle?  I have to.   That  sets videoadventures apart  You can reach me directly by phone, text or email.  Anytime.  No screening calls.     

Work that works.

Deliver the perfect sales pitch 24/7 

Need to move people. Not as in across the country, but as in motivating them. Humans are extremely visual beings. That's why, a good video is so hard to ignore!  It remains the single best way to nudge your customers into action.

What CAN I do?


Develop corporate training videos, enhance your marketing strategy or simply promote your product or services.


Is it time to generate  awareness and excitement about your product or services? Is there a  better way than video?


The best way to educate your employees is to help them visualize your product in an  impactful, yet cost-effective way.


Online video is as critical to your business’ success as your telephone number. Reach millions of customers without a huge media buy.

Social Media

If you’re not tapping into the power of social media video, you’re missing out on a tremendous marketing opportunity.


Real customers telling real stories: that’s marketing at its best.  Let  your customers bring your products and services to life!


imaginative, informative and cost effective

Whether you need a full-on video production or a small web banner animation, videoadventures will deliver your message in a relevant, attention-grabbing manner. Don't be fooled, I love working with small start-ups, individuals and non-profits.

Chances are, if you feel it’s worthwhile so will I.


Desich Sales Institute graphics Driven Explainer thumbnail

Graphics Driven

Motion graphics and a great soundtrack! Explain your company, product or service in a few minutes or less.  

American Legion campaign thumbnail

Campaign Support Video

Stock footage and client supplied photography make this project truly impactful and patriotic!

Ned J. Sifferlen Health Sciences Opening video thumbnail

Facility Opening

Sinclair Community College opens a brand new Health Services Building and shows off what makes it so special! 

Sam's Club Mastercard Chip Training thumbnail

Customer Training

Graphics, effects and a great soundtrack  deliver a on target message. Show customers how to use your products or services.

Sinclair Community College Marketing video thumbnail


Sinclair Community College has a lot to offer!  Take a peak behind the curtain at some motion graphics & location footage.

Montgomery County Human Services Levy TV thumbnail

Levy TV Commercial

Kids and a great soundtrack deliver a on target message for the Dayton community! 

LCCC TV commercial thumbnail

Broadcast Commercial

Testimonial from a well recognized LCCC graduate.

BP Credit Rewards video thumbnail


This video informs customers of the value of a BP credit card while they filled up their gas tanks across the country. 

LCCC TV commercial thumbnail

Broadcast Testimonial

Ricardo has a lot of good things to say about LCCC. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to let your clients do some bragging for you.

American Legion Fund Drive Marketing video thumbnail


This video introduces potential members to the American Legion’s values and mission. It showcases what makes them special, establishes trust and builds credibility.

Dayton Public Library TV commercial thumbnail

Public Service

Grab the attention of your target audience, generate excitement and drive action. Library workers’ children make reading come alive on a shoestring budget!

videoadventures camera footage thumbnail

Camera Footage

Your need for quality video doesn’t have to be bigger than your budget!  You usually get to see videos after the “polish" of editing -  Real people at real jobs, not hired talent.   

girl dreamily looking at laptop screen


68% of people say they’d prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video.

Compare that to text articles (15%),   infographics (4%),
presentations (4%), and manuals (3%).

Source: Video Marketing Statistics 2019

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If you want the best in video production,
you might need to spend a little less!


Owning a box of crayons does not make you an artist.

I understand that video can be expensive. Cost is often the determining factor in deciding who does a video. Remember, your video represents your business. A professional video puts you in a good light, builds trust, lowers support calls and generates leads. A poorly done video…

 At videoadventures, the person you talk with about your video is the same person responsible for producing it! An artist that gets paid when you’re completely satisfied! There is no polished salesperson making promises that leave the production team trying to turn his “rock" into a cupcake! You’ll find it a lot easier to talk with me than to swallow that cupcake!

Honestly, most video companies do a really good job of setting a camera on a tripod and pressing the little red record button. It gets a little more difficult trying to keep the subject in frame at times.

Portraying your specific message and creating amazing visuals after the shoot requires a little more skill. After the shoot is what sets videoadventures apart from the other video companies. 

Graphics and post production is where the magic happens! And why not?  It's the glue that binds it all together. It is also where most budgets disappear. That’s why most production companies skimp on graphics. It saves money, for them.  Less graphics means more profits!  At videoadventures, you always get solid editing and great graphics that grab your customers' attention. All done, dare I say, magically within your budget!  No hocus pocus.

 Choose your video company based on the value you see, not on an hourly rate.  You'll find good value for your investment.  


videoadventures matches the ideal crew with your job’s specific demands. You get the perfect crew at the best possible price.  From a two-man guerrilla-style crew to a full blown production, and everything in between.

Aerial Videography
Hair & Makeup
Time-lapse Videography
Location Sound Recording


Embed your video into your own website or we can export to any file format and upload to a video hosting service.  

Final Cut Pro X Editing
Color Grading
After Effects 2D Animation
Motion Graphic Design
Visual Effects
Voiceovers/Sound Design

Need GEAR & Grips

Why waste your time calling around trying to find a crew?  We already know who the best grips are, because we use them all the time!  And I own all my own gear!  

Canon Cinema EOS C300 with prime lenses
Slider/ Motion Control 
Arri Tungsten lighting kits
HMI lighting

Always happy to hear from you.

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