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Most video projects are launched with good intentions and bad execution. And, you guessed it, the project misses the mark completely. When done right, the combination of audio and visuals remain in the mind longer than any text-based communications. That's what makes it so darn powerful. From television shows to silly YouTube clips, people talk with friends and family about videos they've seen. That's where we, "the moving company," come in. Not with a truck, but with a camera. It's safer that way! We create videos that people actually want to watch. Whether you need a full on video production or a small web banner animation, video adventures will deliver your message in a relevant, attention-grabbing manner. Don't be fooled, we don't just do big clients, we will make the time for small start-ups, individuals and non-profits. Chances are if you feel it's worthwhile, so will we!

We move people. Not as in across the country, but as in motivating them. We all know, humans are extremely visual beings. That's why, good video is so hard to ignore! Video remains the single best method for nudging your customers into action.





We're in Ohio - we've got to be creative to survive! We don't run willy nilly over your branding. We will offer ideas to enhance your project! After all, you know your business better than we ever will.




Seeing is believing. Since 1989, we have been shooting video that people actually want to watch and talk about with their friends. And the great news is, thanks to the Wright Brothers, we can get anywhere in the world from Ohio! So we can shoot for you too! Owning all our own equipment allows us to easily assemble the resources and crew to meet the budget and demands of any project.

This is where the magic happens! And why not? It's the step that ties it all together. Unfortunately, this is also where most budgets disappear. Choose your editor based on what you see, not on an hourly rate. It'll be easier to talk price with us, than to magically turn a rock into a cupcake with them! No hocus pocus. Just solid editing and great graphics that will grab your customer's attention. All done, dare we say, magically within budget!

We take ownership in everything we do. We expect everyone we hire to do the right thing in the right way. It is what has made us successful. I promise you'll find us responsive, responsible, fair, and accountable.

Everything changes. If we had a dollar for every time a producer switched things up at the last minute... We get it, things change and change often. Nobody reacts to changes better than us. Period.

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